Decentralized Coorperative of the people

About Us


Peoples’ Dao is People Oriented and places emphasis on Community, to us communal ties first.

Values and Mission

We are a community-driven organisation, dedicated to the vision of collective efforts. We embrace risk and create beauty out of such, you may term us crazy but we stay true to our words. We believe in Web3, the innovation it brings and its application to real-life cases, therefore, supports its use in daily activities as it helps differentiate us from the sea of communities in our jurisdiction. To this end, We value cooperation and collaboration as it will enable us to reach, achieve and sustain our goals. We are evolving to become a Web3 centred community operating in West Africa, as we explore various options within/out of the blockchain industry/ related innovations. Hence, to achieve this means one thing, collaboration within/without as the odds are surely against us, but together We Win For All. Our Mission is to utilize Web3 Technologies in driving developmental change within our communities and help spread blockchain education in a bid of fostering the Mass Adoption of Web3 and its technologies.


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